Company Profile

James, McGrath & Young is dedicated to providing international companies and organizations with the opportunity to create high end sales and marketing materials at an affordable price.

James, McGrath & Young was created in 1991.

Since then we have achieved a leadership position as a highly respected producer of “business to business” and “leisure marketing” collateral for a broad spectrum of companies worldwide.

We are proud of our client base which includes the world’s most prestigious airlines, tourist boards, hotel companies and tour operators.

Our creative and management team is both talented and highly motivated to provide our clients with uncompromising quality at a price they can afford.

Equally important we are business savvy and take great pride in our ability to successfully manage projects of any size and effectively communicate our ideas to our clients.

And we have achieved great success in creating sales and marketing materials that make a difference and have the power to influence a client’s decision. Most importantly, we are easy to do business with.


Everything we produce is impressive to the eye and designed to capture the readers attention while providing the useful information so vital in the sales and marketing process.

Most importantly, every project we produce is carefully tailored to fit our clients most exact needs and position in the marketplace.

And, since photography plays an important role in the creative process we have compiled an extensive in-house stock photography library which can be used in conjunction with your photography or other photographic sources. Our library is available to our clients at prices far below market value.


In today’s highly competitive market place we understand the importance of providing our clients with the greatest possible values. Therefore we take full advantage of our tremendous purchasing power to negotiate special pricing to print any size or type of project.

This ability combined with our very fair and reasonable creative fees enable us to provide the highest quality product at a price far less than many companies are currently paying.


James D. Bitros, President

Jim Bitros has over 25 years in hotel and international tourism sales, marketing and advertising.

After graduating from New York University, Jim spent the next several years working in management positions in varied organizations such as The Playboy Club of New York and Cheeseborough-Ponds.

Then, in the mid-seventies, Jim began a successful hotel career with senior corporate and on property sales and marketing positions at Americana Hotels, The Biltmore of New York, The Americana of New York, The St. Moritz on the Park and Helmsley Hotels.

Jim’s specialty was hotel turn-arounds and creating pre-opening sales and marketing programs and departments.  In 1983 Jim fulfilled his goal of opening his own advertising agency, Jennings & Carmichael, Inc. With his partner, they built a very successful agency with an impressive list of full service clients, international travel companies, airlines and hotels.

In 1991, Jim formed James, McGrath & Young and has achieved success in creating long term relationships with a “Who’s Who” of international travel companies, airlines and hotels.  Jim has served as President of HSMA, NY Chapter and Vice President of the Greater NY Chapter of Meeting Planners International.